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Vietjet co-pilot spends ten years winning heart of his beautiful colleague

Dang Tien Cuong and Nguyen Phuong Anh are seen in a photo in their pre-wedding album.
It does not take Dang Tien Cuong and Nguyen Phuong Anh, who are both co-pilots of budget carrier Vietjet, too long to decide where their pre-wedding photo album should be shot.
On Tuesday, in celebration of the International Women’s Day and the tenth anniversary of their romantic relationship, the two shot a lovely album for their wedding at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City.

A Vietjet airplane is particularly featured in the photos, as it is where their love all began.

The two pilots will officially tie the knot today, March 12, a happy ending for a decade-old love.

Cuong, 34, and Phuong Anh, 30, first met when they were both attendants for an airline ten years ago, and the man quickly fell in love with his beautiful colleague.
Phuong Anh, who took the job a few months prior to Cuong, was then tasked with helping the newcomer, giving them chances to work closely together. It was his lovely and sincere caring that eventually won Phuong Anh’s heart, and she soon agreed to be in a relationship with him, she recalled.

However, when they began discussing marriage after being together for five years, thing became a bit tougher. “As we both work in the aviation industry, we know how hard it is to be a flight attendant, so I told him that I did not want to marry a man with the same job,” Phuong Anh said. “He shared these concerns with me, and we decided to break up.”
In 2011 Cuong left for the U.S. to take a pilot training course, after selling a house worth more than VND1 billion (US$44,643) to afford the tuition. A year later, Phuong Anh also began her pilot training in the U.S., under an exchange program between Vietjet and Airbus. The woman then finished other courses in France to eventually become the first-ever female pilot with the Vietnamese new-age airline.

During break-up time, Cuong and Phuong Anh still considered each other friends, and they did have a good time – as close friends – in the U.S. Prior to returnning to Vietnam after completing the pilot training, Cuong flew from Florida to Tennessee to see Phuong Anh, and they visited places in the U.S. on a leased airplane.

Phuong Anh was appointed Vietjet’s co-pilot when she finished her study, while Cuong worked for another airline. But the man quit his job and moved to Vietjet to be reunited with the woman he loves. In mid-2015, the two began talking of their way back into love.

“He said he could never find anyone better than me and that we should start everything afresh,” Phuong Anh said. Phuong Anh was at first hesitant as she had many other ‘choices’ then. “But I eventually decided to tie the knot with him as he is the one who loves me the most and who has the longest relationship with me,” she said.

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