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Vietnamese government to undergo major changes next month

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung chairs the government's regular meeting on March 26, 2016.Vietnam News Agency
There will be major changes in the Vietnamese government as 20 of its incumbent members, including the prime minister, could step down from their positions after the grand election next month.
Vietnamese Prime Minster Nguyen Tan Dung, along with 19 of his cabinet members, will end their term in charge after the National Assembly concludes its election of the nation’s leaders in early April, Dung said during the regular government meeting on Saturday.
The current Vietnamese government consists of 27 members, including a prime minister, five deputies, 19 heads of ministries, a state bank governor, and an inspector-general.
The purpose of this month’s gathering was to review the country’s socio-economic performance in the first quarter of 2016.
There has been positive progress amidst several ongoing challenges, PM Dung said, adding that authorities should now focus on dealing with any obstacles if stated goals are to be met.
The premier urged all Vietnamese to enact measures to back agricultural production in areas devastated by natural disasters.
Short-term solutions such as expediting anti-drought and salinization measures, including the efficient use of water, and adjusting crop and cattle structures to suit climatic conditions should be applied to minimize damage.
In addition, authorities are required to closely monitor the living conditions of citizens in disaster-hit locations in order to provide assistance wherever needed with regard to food and clean water, and to prevent potential epidemics, according to PM Dung.
As regards the continuing dispute over sovereignty in the East Vietnam Sea, Prime Minister Dung said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had been coordinating with relevant agencies to present a specific report to the Politburo.
As the public is very mindful of the situation, the Party and State should be transparent in their actions, showing people that they are carrying out an appropriate strategy, PM Dung stated.
The excessive use of banned chemicals in animal husbandry, which has recently raised public concern, was also addressed at the meeting.
Authorities have been working together to stop the import of prohibited substances into Vietnam, while carrying out strict inspections at local breeding farms, said Cao Duc Phat, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.
He added that any offense related to the use of banned chemicals in animals will be considered criminal violations after July 1.
The Minister of Transport and Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee requested that accountability be clearly attributed to individuals responsible.
Deputy Minister Vu Duc Dam weighed in by saying that inspection and penalization must be done consistently.
Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung is pictured at the meeting on March 26, 2016. Photo: Vietnam News Agency
At the end of the gathering, PM Dung presented a farewell speech to other cabinet members.
“On April 6, I will be removed from my current duty by the National Assembly. By then, I will have been the prime minister for nine years and 10 months,” the premier said.
Dung said that he and the other 19 members of the government would not be joining its regular meeting next month, before extending his gratitude toward the entire cabinet for assisting him during his time in office.
“We have been a united group over the past 10 years and together we have overcome many difficulties and challenges,” Dung said.
He sent his congratulations to the delegates who will be re-elected for another term, hoping that they would successfully fulfill their roles.
Dung also wished the 19 outgoing members and himself all the best and to continue living their lives as good citizens.
Vietnam’s National Assembly will elect the nation’s State President, Prime Minister and National Assembly Chairperson as well as heads of other state agencies for the 2016-20 term during its plenary meetings scheduled for March 21 and April 12.
According to the agenda, Dung will be officially removed from his position on April 6 before the new prime minister is determined the next day.
On April 8, the other 19 cabinet members will also step down from their current posts.

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