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Renewal - a highlight in CPV's leadership

The international community has acknowledged Vietnam’s successful renewal over the past 30 years, which was initiated at the 6th National Party Congress in 1986.
While affirming its achievements in renewal, the Communist Party of Vietnam is determined to comprehensively and synchronously push forward the renewal process in the future.

The renewal has obtained tremendous achievements, which is an important premise for national growth in the future. Reality has proved that the Communist Party of Vietnam’s renewal guideline is correct and creative and matches Vietnam’s situation and historical development.   

A revolutionary decision
Pham Thi Nhu Thuy, in Dien Khanh hamlet, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri province, has kept food stamps and rice books of the subsidy period 30 years ago. The items remind her of a time of food, clothes, and household utensils shortages. 

Being aware of the situation, the Communist Party of Vietnam made a revolutionary decision to begin a comprehensive and extensive renewal process. Ms. Thuy recalled “In the past, everything was distributed such as a piece of cloth and a bicycle tire. The 6th National Party Congress and Party General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh made a turning point for the nation and its people. Everything had become open and free.”
Correct moves
At the 6th National Party Congress in 1986, the Party initiated the renewal process, specifically referred to economic reform. Economist Vo Dai Luoc said the guideline of a market-regulated economy has paved the way for the renewal process.

“We had carried out important activities including economic liberalization, subsidy removal, not to buy rice from farmers, not to distribute food, and allow the market to decide commodity circulation between the urban and rural areas. 

Factories removed subsidy plans and had to produce to meet market demand. In 1989 the renewal was fully carried out. The subsidy-based mechanisms were removed and the market economy was widely applied,” he said.
Over the past 30 years, the Party had played an important role in initiating and leading the renewal process. Renewal is not a task of cadres and Party members, but of all people. People’s opinions and wishes derived from reality have helped form the Party’s renewal guideline. 

Associate Professor, Doctor Bui Dinh Phong from the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, saaid the Communist Party of Vietnam succeeded because it always considers the people the root.

“The Party has to resolve people’s legitimate demand and aspiration. We have to look straight to reality and make correct assessment. By rallying people’s combined strength, we can overcome all hardship,” he added.
Continuing to reform for integration
The draft report to the 12th National Party Congress mentions the need to comprehensively and synchronously push forward the renewal process. It’s time for the Party to lead the country to change the mindset, fine tune the institution, develop a socialist-oriented market economy, extensively reform national governance, proactively integrate globally to boost national industrialization and modernization. 

Associate Professor, Doctor Nguyen Trong Phuc, former Director of the Party History Institute, the HCM National Academy of Politics, said comprehensive reform will generate momentum for mutual growth among sectors. 

The draft document focused on the “coordination” between Party guidelines, State policies, and implementing measures. It also means the “coordination” between economics, politics, culture, and society at the central to local level.


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