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Year-end parties turn nightmare for Ho Chi Minh City residents

Noise pollution has become an alarming issue in several neighborhoods in Ho Chi Minh City as many families and organizations have begun to organize year-end parties, with loudspeakers and karaoke machines operating at their maximum capacity.
A caricature describing the noise pollution from year-end parties in a neighborhood in Ho Chi Minh. City. Tuoi Tre

Festive activities to celebrate the end of the lunar year has seemed to be taken up a notch in the southern hub with modern and high-capacity loudspeakers and karaoke sets, alongside the usual endless partying and drinking.
Many residents have been powerless against such activities, having no other choice than to put up with the noise during their daily routine.
P., residing at an apartment building in District 5, said that she has to ‘suffer’ the annoyance at this time of each year.
She recalled an incident on Thursday last week, when a party was thrown in the yard of the complex, overwhelming the entire neighborhood with music from four large loudspeakers.
P. had to call for help from local officers, who did not seem to be helpful as the noise started again when they left the place.
During the second report, the local police unit confirmed they could not take any action to stop the noise.
“It’s a once in a year occasion. Just let them enjoy the party,” P. quoted the officers as saying.
At several other households in the apartment building, young children and sick elderly people also had to endure the torment.
The end of the year is the time when merchants at the Ho Thi Ky flower market in District 10 to celebrate, little did they know that their joy could be painful for some others.
Loan, who lives about 20 meters from the market, stated that about 10 tables and two sets of loudspeakers were placed outdoors for the celebration on Friday night.
“I had to take my children and old mother elsewhere to escape the agony. Many nearby residents were also forced to evacuate the place until the party was over,” Loan recalled.
Meanwhile, T.K.H., a 62-year-old resident in Tan Phu District, is often thrown into misery during Tet or other holidays.
H.’s neighbors recently bought a new set of karaoke machines for their year-end party that began at 11:00 am.
The man is living with his wife and 90-year-old mother, who could not seem to bear the noise even when all doors and windows were closed.
“I asked them to turn down the volume for the sake of my mother’s health and was threatened by a group of drunk men,” he said.
N.V.M. in Binh Tan District reported a similar case, as she was yelled at by the party-goers from a nearby house.
“They all reeked of alcohol, saying that I was being inconsiderate and threatening to pull down my house,” M. recounted.

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