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 Russian beggar poses tough repatriation task for Nha Trang authorities

A social protection center in Nha Trang, the coastal city of the south-central province of Khanh Hoa, is calling for help from other agencies to send a homeless Russian national back to his home country.

Kunznetsov Oleg is seen in Nha Trang. Tuoi Tre

The Khanh Hoa Center for Social Protection has been taking care of Kunznetsov Oleg, 45, over the last few months and is finding ways to repatriate him to Russia, according to director Chu Van Cong.
In 2012, Oleg landed in Vietnam on an Immediate Relative Immigrant Visa and has since lived in Nha Trang, according to files kept at the provincial Department of Foreign Affairs.
According to the records, Oleg is a divorced man back in Russia and is known to have a child, now 22, there.
Tamara Kunznetsova, Oleg’s mother, once also came to Nha Trang an investor but her business did not survive eventually.
In 2013, Kunznetsova passed away after a heart attack, with her cremated remain already sent back to Russia.
After his mother’s death, Oleg and his older sister Lena remained staying in Nha Trang, living upon the savings left by their mother.
He had lived in various hotels and rental houses before becoming homeless.
Eventually, Oleg had to make his living as a beggar at many local resorts when the savings ran out.
Knowing of Oleg’s situation, officials of the Khanh Hoa Department of Foreign Affairs contacted him and gave some support.
The Russian was later diagnosed with mental disorders and transferred to the province’s hospital for psychiatric treatment.
After the treatment, Oleg was sent to and cared for at the social protection center, awaiting his repatriation case to be processed.
While staying at the center, Oleg has tried to get out many times to search for his lost sister, whose whereabouts are known by no local agency.
The Khanh Hoa administration has recently ordered the provincial foreign department and other competent agencies to quickly process the case to send the Russian man back to his home country.
However, the case is reaching a deadlock as Oleg currently has no immediate relatives in Russia to take him back, according to the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Ho Chi Minh City.

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