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Vietnam looks at sending more poeple to work abroad

Vietnam is planning to send 105,000 people to work overseas this year, further expand the labour export market and co-operation with other countries.

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Workers of Nhat Huy Khang Company ready before going to Japan

Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Dao Ngoc Dung said the market would offer new opportunities for employment abroad.
Reports from the Department of Overseas Labour show that last year Vietnam sent 126,296 workers abroad, 26.29% higher than targeted. Taiwan is Vietnam's top market with 68,224 workers. Japan and South Korea followed with 39,938 and 8,482 workers respectively.
Pham Viet Hong, the department's vice head said that was the third consecutive year that Vietnam sent more than 100,000 workers overseas so they can completely meet the goal of 2017.
The department will focus on three major markets and implement agreements about labour exports signed last year. For example the agreement on labour co-operation between Vietnam and Laos, the agreements on sending and receiving labourers between Vietnam and Thailand and Vietnam and South Korea.
Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply Chairman Nguyen Luong Trao said Vietnamese workers were employed in 29 markets. Six markets including Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Algeria and Saudi Arabia had agreed to take over 1,000 workers.
271 labour export agencies operate in Vietnam and most of them are also sending workers to those key markets. About 2,566 contracts with demand for 15,000 workers to Taiwan in the first quarter have been signed. Japan will also receive over 10,000 people.
According to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the number of guest workers has increased year on year. From 80,000 workers during 2006-2013 period to over 100,000 workers in the past three years.
The foreign currency incomes from people working abroad reached over USD1.5bn a year. "This is a huge number that contributes to GDP growth, improve the living conditions of many families and Vietnam rural areas," Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Dao Ngoc Dung said.
Sending people abroad to work to provide stable jobs and develop the economy. In the coming times, the ministry will improve vocational skills including foreign languages before sending them to work. They had submitted to the prime minister the plan to send skilled workers abroad during 2017-2020 period with a vision toward 2025. 
However, they are still struggling to deal with labour export scams and people who over-stay their visas. In the past three years, the ministry had applied over 100 fines for various violations.

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