Thứ Hai, 26 tháng 12, 2016

Vietnamese woman puts rat poison in niece’s noodle broth pot over land dispute

Ho Chi Minh City police have summoned a woman for questioning after she was found sneaking rat poison into a pot of broth in her niece’s noodle stand over land disputes.

The poisoned pot of noodle broth is sealed and kept at the police station. Tuoi Tre

Investigative police officers of District 9 on Sunday questioned Ho Thi Ngoc Diep, 52, over her allegedly deliberate poisoning of her niece’s pot of noodle broth.
Diep and her niece, Tran Thi Bach Tuyet, 37, had prior disputes over land ownership, according to their testimonies at the police station.
According to Tuyet’s statement, she was preparing the broth for her noodle stand early Sunday morning when she rushed to buy some more spices, leaving the pot unattended.
“When I returned, I found it suspicious that the color of the broth was different than usual, but Diep insisted that she had nothing to do with it when I confronted her,” Tuyet recalled.
Tuyet left the pot untouched and notified local police of the suspected poisoning.
Footage retrieved from a nearby security camera showed her aunt sneaking something into the pot while Tuyet was away.
At the police station, Diep admitted to having put rat poison in Tuyet’s pot of broth.
According to Tuyet, she serves at least 70 customers a morning at her noodle stand, all of whom could have been poisoned if she had not discovered the crime.

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