Thứ Tư, 26 tháng 4, 2017

Online shoppers use mobile phones more than computers

There are more people using mobile phones to shop online than those using desktops or tablets, reported Bizweb at a recent mobile e-commerce event.

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Nearly 54 percent of online shoppers visited trading websites on mobile phones, higher than those accessing by desktop. 
The data was created from a survey of more than 27,000 client websites of Bizweb, an online commercial solutions platform.
The results showed that 53.8 per cent of online shoppers visited trading websites on mobile phones, higher than those accessing by desktop (41.3 per cent), with the rest using tablets.
For mobile phones, iPhone was the most popular device, accounting for more than 30 per cent.
Mobile phones have become popular tools for shopping, meaning businesses and shop owners risk losing more than half of potential customers if the do not ultilise this channel, heard the meeting.
In order to avert the situation, businesses need strategies to maximise sale opportunities on mobile channels, said Tran Trong Tuyen, CEO of DKT Technology JSC.
Pham Thong, marketing director of Lazada Viet Nam, said that revenue from orders on mobile phones accounted for 70 per cent of Lazada’s orders.
Thong said that there has been a shift of consumer habits. “The majority of young people are accessing the Internet by mobile phones”.
Therefore, the development of e-commerce on mobile phones was indispensable, opening up opportunities for enterprises, said Thong.
However, the Lazada representative also pointed out challenges that businesses might encounter such as services, tools and even the knowledge of the salesman about trading on mobiles.
“Therefore, to succeed when selling on phones, businesses need to invest and have appropriate strategies for development,” he advised. 

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