Thứ Ba, 26 tháng 7, 2016

Ha Tinh's official reprimanded for statue breast kiss

An official in Ha Tinh Province is facing public criticism and a reprimand after the photo of him kissing the breast of a statue at a local tourism site went online on July 21.
Anh kisses the statue breast
After the photo surfaced on Facebook, it was met with public outrage. In the photo, Phan Tuan Anh, an official from the Vu Quang District People's Committee, Ha Tinh Province, climbed up to a female statue a folk character and kissed her naked breast. The photo was posted online by Tran Le, head of the district’s administration office.
Phan Tuan Anh admitted that it was him in the photo and said he was intoxicated. According to Anh, they had a party while he was on holiday trip in Da Lat and he was drunk.
"My action was wrong," he said.
On July 25, Pham Huu Binh, party secretary of Vu Quang District, said they had reprimanded the official and asked Anh to reflect on his action.
"It was extremely offensive. We gave him a stern warning and asked for a report on the incident. The district people's committee will hold a meeting about the issue," he said.
The statue relates to a folk love story. K’lang and H'biang were son and daughter of rival tribes. They accidentally met in the woods and fell in love with each other but their love was not accepted by their families. They decided to leave together but H'Biang fell seriously ill so K'Lang brought her back the village for treatment.
However, they were attacked. H'Biang died after taking an arrow aimed toward K'Lang. K'Lang returned to the mountain where they had lived and committed suicide. After their deaths, the tribes grieved and merged into one. They became the Co Ho ethnic group. The mountain where the couple had lived named Lang Biang and the river named Da Nhim, or tears in the Co Ho language.

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