Thứ Ba, 26 tháng 7, 2016

Nha Trang Bay floating restaurants suspended
Cam Ranh City's People Committee has decided to ban 22 floating restaurants from operating in Cam Ranh Bay due to safety concerns.

A floating restaurant in Cam Ranh Bay
The committee's spokesman, Nguyen Khiem, said the decision was made yesterday (July 25) following the recent sinking of a floating restaurant in Ninh Thuan Province which killed 2 passengers.
“There are 22 floating restaurants operating around Binh Ba and Binh Hung Islands which do not meet safety standards," Khiem said. "We'll have a meeting with representatives from all wards and communes to give detailed instructions on monitoring the operation of these restaurants."
According to head of Nha Trang Bay Management Board, Huynh Binh Thai, there are 11 floating restaurants operating around Vung Ngang and Hon Mot areas but most of them do not meet safety standards.
"These floating restaurants are designed almost the same as the sunken one in Ninh Thuan," Thai explained. "They have wooden frames, metal roofs and float on plastic containers attached to the sides. And they can easily sink if hosting too many passengers at a time."
However, a representative from Cam Binh Ward said that there haven't been any specific regulations on the size, design or the number of passengers allowed on these floating restaurants.
On July 23, a floating restaurant in Vinh Hy Bay in the south-eastern province of Ninh Thuan suddenly sunk, knocking 300 passengers into the sea. Two people died and four others were injured. The sinking set alarm bells ringing about safety standards.
By Viet Hao, 

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