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Combo tours favored as travelers save money

Marketed later than other tourism products, combo tours have quickly become the favorite choice for travelers as they can reduce costs.

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Ngoc Minh from HCM City, for example, only had to spend VND11.8 million on a 3-day-and-2-night tour to Phu Quoc Island for a four-member family.

The amount of money was paid for two combo tours worth VND5 million for each, which comprises six meals, a shuttle service (from airport to resort), and a 3-day stay at a 5-star resort and entertainment services in the resort. There was no charge for the two kids’ meals and stay. Minh only had to pay VND1.8 million in air tickets for the kids.

If she had booked services separately, the amount of money would have been VND2 million more, because the admission tickets to entertainment area and service fees are expensive in summer.

The combo tour Minh booked is one of the hottest ones in the market. This mostly comprises air/train and coach tickets, hotel room, pick-up service, meals and other additional services.
Marketed later than other tourism products, combo tours have quickly become the favorite choice for travelers as they can reduce costs.
Resorts, especially 4-5 resorts in coastal areas of Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Vung Tau and Phu Quoc, are the most wanted destination points for travelers who book tour packages. Meanwhile, online tourism websites are the pioneers in launching combo tours.

They understand travelers, who want to travel by themselves, have private holiday time, but don’t have to spend much time to arrange things.

According to Nguyen Vi Van, regional director of, travelers don't favor package tours because they have to follow fixed schedules.

If they design tours themselves, they will have to spend time looking low-cost air tickets, book hotel rooms and coaches.

Therefore, combo tours prove to be the optimal choice because they have good prices.

Since last July, when the website began selling combo tours, it has designed 30 combo tours to many coastal destinations.

The salesman of a resort in Phan Thiet also reported the same thing. As the resort is located from the Ham Tien – Mui Ne tourism site, it is inconvenient for travelers to find places for food and drinks.

The resort decided to offer a combo tour comprising tickets for train/coach and meals at reasonable prices. Thanks to the combo tour, the number of clients has increased sharply.

Phan Thi Thu Hien from Exo Travel Vietnam believes that it is the right time for combo tours. However, she said there should be many more types of combo tours rather than ones with just meals, accommodation and pick-up services.

Chi Mai, VNN

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