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Babysitters sought after during summer holiday

Parents in Hanoi are in a hurry to find babysitters for their children in the coming school summer holiday.
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To Thuy Duong, a local in Cau Giay District, Hanoi, said they were always in a rush to pick up and drop off their children at summer classes last year. 
This year, they hired student tutors to teach and take care of their children at home.
"My friends also have children of the same age group so we jointly hired two student tutors. They will teach and cook lunch for VND1.3m (USD57) to VND1.5m per child. We don't have to worry about work hours and the children have close friends with them all day long," Duong said.
Nguyen Thi Thoa and other teachers at a kindergarten in Bac Tu Liem District have set up a summer class at home for more than 10 children. 
At first, there were only three to four children but more and more parents have come to the class. Most children are from six to eight years old. 
However, the teachers have to face many difficulties when having to teach children at different ages at once.
"We're free during summer while parents need someone to take care of their children. During the peak time, we take care of as many as 20 children. The summer holiday hasn't started yet but dozens of parents have already registered their children at our class," Thoa said.
According to Thoa, she collects VND1.3m per month per child without lunch and VND1.8m with lunch. 
She invited music, art and English teachers to make the class more exciting and life skills are prioritised over academic results. 
Thoa said she earned about VND10m (USD437) a month during the summer holiday.
This is also a profitable job for housewives and retirees whose prices range from VND2m (USD87) to VND5m per child. 
Nguyen Thi Tinh, a retiree in Minh Khai Ward, said, "My children are at workplace most of the day so I take care of children as a part-time job. They make me happier and I feel younger. Normally, I only receive one to two children. Even when many parents come to me during summer, I can only agree to receive up to four children."
Tinh said her work started at 7 am and basically ended at 6 pm. Since the children are mostly from one to three years old, they need a lot of care and attention. Taking care of children brings in VND5m (USD218) to VND10m a month.

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