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Manipulated photos of Miss Vietnam 2014 appear on pornographic poster

Miss Vietnam 2014 Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen attends a charity event in Dak Lak, located in Vietnam's Central Highlands, on January 3, 2015.Tuoi Tre

Miss Vietnam 2014 Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen had her International Women’s Day celebration ruined on Tuesday, as she discovered photos of herself on sexually-related viral web content.
The 20-year-old beauty queen was shocked to see her pictures on what appears to be a poster for a Japanese adult video DVD and in an ad for an elder men’s clinic in Japan
Duyen, who was crowned Miss Vietnam in December 2014, believes the photos are products of malicious editing and photo alteration.

“I am not sure about the origin of these posters, but they directly ruin the image and dignity of myself and my family,” Oscar Town, her media representative, quoted her as saying in a press release.
Duyen said she feels “defamed and humiliated” by the altered photos.
The posters are reportedly published on a pornography website which Duyen is preparing to file a lawsuit against to call for justice to be served.
According to lawyers, Duyen can easily win the case as long as she can prove who made the posters – which will not be an easy task as the posters are only shared online.
It remains unknown if the posters were originally designed in Japan, or made by someone in Vietnam as a deliberate move to defame the Vietnamese beauty queen.
Doi Song Phap Luat (Life and Law) newspaper quoted a source close to Duyen on Thursday as saying that the posters do not have any relation with Japan.
Someone in Vietnam has used Duyen’s photos to make the posters and inserted Japanese texts to disguise the origin, the source said, adding the posters were found on no Japanese porn websites.
Duyen said she is still working with relevant legal agencies to resolve the case.


Duyen was a freshman of the Hanoi Foreign Trade University when she won the beauty contest, where she was amongst the youngest contenders, in 2014.
Her career as a beauty queen has been off to a rough start due to a myriad scandals, but the porn poster appears to be the most serious case thus far.

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